​​​​​​​WHO WE ARE

 At Barrio Planta Project, we Help a Child Grow

Read more about the neighborhood, La Planta who represent a fraction of the good nature, hospitality, authenticity and humility of Latin American Culture & Community.

Our Vision

Our Mission

BPP empowers children and youth in Latin America through free supplementary schooling that instills creativity, enhances confidence, facilitates international communication, and develops critical thinking skills. 

The Culture House, known locally as  La Escuela Integral is San Juan del Sur's only Community Center. While occupied largely by BPP, the community center is also home to a Spanish School, a Chiropractor, a Traditional Folklore Dance group and is adjacent to a Community Sports Park. We also now have two more locations: one in Escamequita, Nicaragua and our most recent addition in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We envision a world where local communities are able to leverage the growth of, and access to, dynamic, emerging industries into economic and educational opportunities for their children, youth, and families. 

The key to doing not only effective but excellent work is having a solid team at the helm. BPP has a huge family of students, parents and volunteers. We also have key players who have been making everything possible from both behind the scenes and center stage since day one. Learn more!

When Philadelphia Native, Dyani Makous stumbled upon the neighborhood Barrio La Planta while backpacking through San Juan del Sur, she made a connection with the local community that would forever change her life, the lives of the residents and the composition of the community as a whole.