You can do tours by the day, a couple of days, or for several weeks!

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Available Options By the Day:

  • DAYTRIPPER: Volunteer by the Day. Includes Volunteer Activities, Lunch on the Beach and Special Tour of the Day
  • ​RUSTIC CAMPER: Crash for the Night. Includes the above along with Shared Accommodation with a fan and bathroom.
  • LUXURY SLEEPER: Includes Everything the DayTripper offers plus Breakfast,  AC & Hot Water 

"The Barrio La Planta was an incredibly energetic and positive space! The activities with the students were well organized and it was an incredible experience to be part of. The connections we made will last a lifetime and I am blessed to have been integrated into this amazing community!" 
- Kristy Girardo, Toronto Canada


Grow Inc offers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to volunteer with the Barrio Planta Project community in a positive, fun and interactive setting, while simultaneously experiencing an enjoyable, relaxing and stimulating vacation in a tropical setting. Guests can abandon the stress of foreign country navigation and be seamlessly led through a well-planned and fun itinerary by Nicaraguan natives and expat experts at an affordable price while making a positive impact on the lives of others.

San Juan del Sur is a beach town on the Pacific Southwest Coast of Nicaragua, just north of Costa Rica, nestled on the bay in the Land  of Lakes  & Volcanoes that brims with natural beauty, creativity and personality. The diverse, vivacious surf  town has been growing exponentially in popularity for the past fifteen years and continues to earn attention for its beautiful beaches, great waves, lively nightlife and friendly culture. 



"The most unique thing about the Grow Inc tour was the diversity of everything we experienced. The activities were fun and stimulating and it helped us appreciate what we have in Los Angeles while simultaneously gaining a whole new respect and appreciation for Nicaragua and other ways of life."
  - Christina Heller, CEO VR Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA

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Volunteers will interact with BPP students for half a day during the weekdays through activities such as field days, yoga, cooking classes and scavenger hunts, and assist in the development of programming by helping teachers with classes, tutoring students, helping with building renovations, performing administrative work and other options depending on the volunteer’s interests and strengths as well as the program's needs.



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