“I loved the environment here! All of the workers are so enthusiastic and it is clear that both staff and students love the BPP! I would love to come back and volunteer on my own! The work you do is amazing!” – Sarah Williams

“The Barrio La Planta was an incredibly energetic and positive space! The activities with the students were well organized and it was an amazing experience to be a part of. The connections we made will last a lifetime and I am blessed to have been integrated into this amazing community!” – Krysty Girardo
"Volunteering for BPP was incredibly rewarding and memorable for me. The glowing faces of the students at BPP brought me to joy on a daily basis. Taking part in this project gave me the chance to experience life in Nicaragua from a very real and local perspective. I came to San Juan Del Sur for the beaches and beauty, but what I found was a taskforce of individuals making a difference in the world. The people at BPP, students and staff alike, are a shining example of hope and humanity. At BPP, there is a willingness to learn, a wish to progress in life, and a genuine desire to provide and maintain a place for this to happen. I feel blessed to have been able to be one of many volunteers to help build on their dream. I left a piece of my heart and soul at the BPP center and will hold onto that experience for as long as I can." -  Chad, Vancouver, Canada

“I had a wonderful time. The kids were so much fun! The place seems well organized and focused on meeting the needs of the kids in Barrio Planta. The BPP seems to really understand who they are serving. Thank you for the opportunity to spend a morning here.”  – Heather Saunders

“I am beyond impressed with the energy and love at this project! You all are doing amazing things and I hope you feel pride and accomplishment every day, no matter how difficult some days may be. I absolutely loved my experience here, I would love to spend more time here.”  – Lindsey Radachy

“Such an amazing experience to spend the morning with you all, and am truly inspired by the story of how the Barrio Planta Project came to be through Dyani’s energy. You are an inspiration and wish you the best in bringing the English language to a growing country and community as well as a safe place for children to have a great time learning, growing and connecting. The world needs more supportive and loving people like yourselves to bring such an inspirational ripple effect to their communities. Keep up this amazing work!!! I will definitely contribute to this cause and hope to come back to visit and volunteer again. :)” – Keri Mayall, North Vancouver, Canada

“Volunteering at the BPP was a great way to spend a Friday morning. Happiness and joy continually shined on all the kids’ faces. I am grateful to have been here today.”  – Valerie Schaeffer

“I really loved how energetic and enthusiastic the environment at BPP was. I did not expect to have so much fun teaching and playing with the kids. I thought there was a perfect mixture of teaching and playing here. It is a place that I would have loved to go to if I had grown up in San Juan Del Sur.” – Allie Marchand

“The half days were nice, especially in combination with the Spanish lessons. Also three days of teaching with two days of assisting was a good variation. It was a really nice experience and you’re doing a great job. Thanks for having me :)”  – Liza Roodnat

“This project is amazing… To be perfectly honest, I want to come back here on my own in the future!” – Mark Poklecki

“I loved the friendly atmosphere! Extremely easy to feel comfortable and social! Kids were amazing and the staff were too! Very well organized and the activities were fun and engaging! Everyone got to feel involved and it was amazing getting to know the students you talk to! It would be awesome to get to teach more than one lesson of English but the one was an amazing experience! Having pictures of everything made it so much better, we get to look back and remember everything! Definitely going to love and remember all the memories here! Hope to be back some day!”  – Caitlin Krupa

“I think that you guys are doing a great job at helping the kids improve their English skills. The games are really fun and the allow the students to get more comfortable with us (volunteers). Keep it up!!” – Isabel Hadziomerovic

“I had a great time working at BPP! I formed a great relationship with my students and I believe that they improved their English throughout the few months that I was teaching at BPP.” – Lexie DePont

“Loved the scavenger hunt and doing yoga with the kids. This was an incredible experience for myself and my group. I enjoyed that we got the chance to really interact with the smaller groups of kids during the scavenger hunt and got to see their unique and beautiful personalities.”   – Jackie Mucaria

“You guys rock! I’m quite impressed with the level of resourcefulness and operations at BPP. The kids are fantastic! I only wish I had better practiced my Spanish to communicate a little better. Thanks for the experience!”  – Talia Lliteras

“I think you are doing an amazing job. I loved how welcoming the kids were to us and wanted to include us in their games. I was not sure how I would be accepted, but they made me feel very welcome.” – Christopher Borstnik, Wickliffe, Ohio

“Dyani really cares about the volunteers that work with the organization. Her kind, approachable manner make planning projects with your organization very enjoyable.”  – Heidi Ludwick, Toronto, Canada

“I enjoyed interacting with the students and staff. Also, I think that seeing how these students are learning is a lot different than us in Canada.”   – Will Mason, Toronto, Canada

“I loved our photo scavenger hunt. It gave the whole group an opportunity to integrate and work together as a team.”   – Marina Galeno, Toronto, Canada

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Words from Our Volunteers