Puerto Vallarta is one of the most important touristic cities in Mexico, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of a vibrant culture, rich biodiversity and a population of over 500,000 inhabitants.

The progression of tourism has brought great things to Puerto Vallarta, but has also brought the social, economic, and spatial segregation that often occurs as a result of the development. Behind the beachfront hotels, approximately 20 miles from the beach, is a community called Campestre la Cañadas. Some parts of Campestre las Cañadas have no roads, and in the summer the rain fills these paths with water. Many of the people of Campestre las Cañadas work int he touristic center of Puerto Vallarta, but income wages remains low. We know that through access to relevant education and increased self-confidence, the children of the region will have an opportunity to decide their future more freely without these limited conditions.

Using our proven strategy from Nicaragua, we are excited to report that in March of 2018 we opened our first school in Mexico, located in the heart of Campestre las Cañadas, to children ranging from the ages of 8 to 12 years old. Like in Nicaragua, we are now offering English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as extracurricular activities, including Art, Environmental Science, World Culture and Entrepreneurship.

We have been lucky to have been given space to teach in a local primary school called Escuela Primaria 17 de Febrero. As this school only offers two classes in the afternoon they are able to offer us 4 classrooms in the upper floor of the school for our program. The reason we chose to start classes in this school was due to the generosity and kindness of the Colt Builders family who generously donated sufficient funding to get started in Mexico. They had already had a connection to the school in Las Cañadas as one of the members of Colt Builders had donated to the school directly in the past. After visiting Nicaragua on a family vacation the group decided that they would like to implement a similar project at the school they were familiar with in Mexico. Thanks to their thoughtfulness and BPP's hard work our third school has been a great success welcoming almost 100 students in the first year.