Rewarding Students for High Attendance Rates & Participation

Every Friday, one student is selected from each English class as the student of the week. The students are rewarded with dinner with their teachers sponsored by restaurants in San Juan del Sur. This semester our sponsors include El Timon, Naked Tiger, Republika, and Brisas Marinas.



Every Thursday we serve dinner at the school to all the students who had perfect attendance that week. This weekly dinner provides a means for nutritious meals and an incentive to maintain consistent attendance.


We believe in rewarding students for their positive behavior, such as high attendance rates and participation in class.  We are able to provide three types of incentives to our students - Thursday dinners, Student of the Week Fridays and Monthly Field Trips. 


One Saturday a month, students with prefect attendance go on a field trip! Students and teachers head to Surf Ranch Resort for an afternoon to enjoy the swimming pool, volleyball court and skate park! Lunch is sponsored by George Angus and Ken Ross and transport is provided by Pacha Mama and Naked Tiger.