If you are coming as a group of 6 or more people, we can customize your stay to include scavenger hunts throughout town, field days and cooking classes, as well as art and culture days. Come for a half day or stay for a full week!

Questions? Visit our FAQ section and if your answer cannot be found there please email info@barrioplantaproject.org

How to Participate

We welcome individuals of all ages, for both short and long term placements. Building the experience based on your passion and interests creates a fun, exciting and unique opportunity for both the students and for you! Submit a CEP Participant Application Form today! Additional questions can be found on our FAQ Page or Contact Us. One of our staff members will work with you to customize your CEP experience and create a fun, interactive and unforgettable experience for you and for our students. 

We are always excited to host CEP participants and provide them with a high quality and organized experience as it not only enhances our students' exposure to diverse tourist populations and English as a Second Language total immersion, but also helps us achieve our goal of creating an integral and self sustainable organization.

You can participate in the morning, the afternoon, or for the full day. The morning session is 2 hours long (9-11am) and provides more of a one-on-one experience with older students. The afternoon classes provide a more stimulating environment for the younger ages. There are three hours of classes (2-5pm) and a lot more children to interact with. Participants assist English classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and participate in Electives or pre-school classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Our programming is totally free for our students and we operate based on donations. When CEP participants make a financial contribution to our project, those funds are designated toward our operating costs and additionally enable us to provide a unique and engaging experience for the participant. This allows us to incorporate visitors into our organization, not only avoiding detracting from our mission by having guests, but simultaneously creating programming that is mutually beneficial for our organization and the volunteers.

BPP offers a unique blend of both cultural and language exchange programs in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua unlike any other organization. Our volunteers receive the full Nicaraguan experience, simultaneously giving back to the community and creating a lasting and remarkable impact. Through our Cultural Exchange Program, volunteers live with a local family, learn Spanish, teach students through various activities and contribute to program development by assisting teachers with electives and English as a Second Language courses. BPP accepts volunteers on a weekly and even daily basis, depending on the package selected. 


Participate as an Individual or Group, from an Afternoon to Months at a Time