George Angus

Subsidizes 2 students

Sponsors Perfect Attendance Field Trips

Martin LaPlatney

Sponsors Programming

​Courtnay Miller
Subsidizes a Student

Peg Schuetz
Subsidizes a Student

Kelly Halbert

Subsidizes a Student

​​Gordon Skultety & Nancy Dickinson
Sponsors University Tuition

​​​​​Lisa Sheldon
Subsidizes 2 Students

Maryanne Murray
Subsidizes 2 Students

Colt Builders Corp.

Matthew James Haley Trust 

Janusz Sakowicz

Sponsors Perfect Attendance Dinners​​

Moises Esquenazi

​Sponsors Programming

Subsidizes a Student

Stephanie Jean 
Sponsors 2 Commuters

John Safford

Sponsors a Commuter

Krista Schepanovsky

Sponsors a Commuter

 We Thank You!


We Thank-You for Helping a Child Grow

The quality of our programming is made possible through the continued support of our following donors. BPP is committed to Transparency through the GuideStar Exchange.  We are also a proud member of GlobalNetwork IFS, the International Federation of Settlements and Neighborhood Centers.


The following organizations and foundations donate $4,000+ in our fiscal year


The following organizations, foundations, and individuals donate $1,000 - $3,999 in our fiscal year

Chris Petrillo

Sponsors Daily Lunches for 2 Students

​Betty & Cole Dunlap
Subsidize 3 Students


The following businesses and individuals donate $300 - $999 in our fiscal year

Jan Woods
Subsidizes a Student

Sophie Pontone
Subsidizes a Student

Richard Morgan
Subsidizes a Student