San Juan del Sur, 

Escamequita or Puerto Vallarta

Helping siblings access a better future can translate into a better life for immediate family members and generations to come. When you change a life, you change the future.


What Sponsors Receive

Kiana Lopez --

BPP San Juan del Sur

"In a single publication, I cannot describe everything. This experience was unique, unforgettable, incredible. It was a way to explore and learn more, My parents never abandoned me or my relatives, but I had the good fortune of having people who are not family, but they were always there to support me."  -- Kiana after returning from summer school at Oxford Royale Academy.

Jane Imperatore --Sponsor

​"My husband, Brant, and my three children (Amory, Mac and Nate) had an incredible experience at BPP in March of 2018.  We spent time at both the San Juan del Sur and Escamequita campuses and were hooked. As a result of that trip, our family has chosen to sponsor a child at each of those schools.  We love getting letters from Illich and Diana and are excited to see the great progress they are making." -- Jane on sponsorhip.

Bryan Mijares --

Puerto Vallarta

Bryan will be entering the 5th grade and attends BPP Mexico. He is a bright student who loves learning English and gets along well with others. 

Sponsored Students 

Sponsor a Family

Edriel Guzman --

San Juan del Sur

Edriel is an aspiring surgeon and charismatic 12-year-old who has dreams of going to college, helping the needy and maybe one day going to Canada to see snow. 

Celeste Perez -- Escamequita

Celeste is 9 years old and lives in Las Brisas, just outside of BPP Escamequita. Her favorite class is English. When she grows up, she wants to be a veterinarian; she loves animals.

What People Are Saying

In the mail, twice a year, sponsors receive:

Typed letters from the students

Report cards 

Hand-drawn thank you cards  

Sponsors can also choose to be penpals with their students.

Iratze Parra --

Puerto Vallarta

Iratze, 8, is a model student. Teachers describe her as highly intelligent and noble. When she started BPP, she was quite shy. Teachers have seen her grow with confidence. 

Sponsorship guarantees that students receive a full enrollment.

Keren Aragon --

San Juan del Sur

Keren is close to her family. Her favorite memory is of going to the park with her dad. She lives seven kilometers from BPP, but is a dedicated student. 

Students Awaiting Sponsorship

Juan Brenes -- Escamequita

Juan, 6, likes to help his uncles and learn about agriculture, an industry that his family has been practicing for years. Juan loves to draw, paint and color with his friends when he's at BPP.

Sponsors receive letters, report cards, and thank you cards twice a year and can be penpals.