English as a Second Language gives our students the ability to communicate their individuality and confidence at an international level, expanding their opportunities in San Juan del Sur and beyond. We have developed our own curriculums that make learning fun, interactive and effective. Students advance through our four levels of English with a focus on speaking and conversation. The material taught in these classes is practiced and reinforced through our English Games and Conversation Classes, where students learn through play. The most popular games with the students include jeopardy, pictionary, charades, flashcard games, word races, unscrambling sentences and other activities that incorporate the vocabulary and key sentences into a fun and active learning environment. 

English Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9–11am and from 2–5pm. 

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In Beginner Advanced, students continue to learn new vocabulary and key sentences, in addition to building upon the English they have already learned. Classes expand on time, weather, seasons and adjectives, and the following new topics are introduced: nouns, pronouns, key verbs, professions, classroom vocabulary, prepositions and family. 

Students are first introduced to the English language with our Beginner Class. Topics covered include greetings, the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, colors, feelings, animals, adjectives, time, weather and seasons. Once students are completely comfortable asking and answering questions surrounding these topics, they will advance to Beginner Advanced the following school year. 

This is our last and final level of English. At this level students should be able to communicate and speak without much hesitation. This level focuses on comprehension and speaking and more complex grammar.


In our Intermediate Level, students expand their vocabulary to include common verbs and nouns used in everyday life such as activities, chores, household items, likes and dislikes, and adverbs of frequency. They practice conjugating verbs in the present tense and are comfortable speaking in simple sentences. 

By the time students have reached the Intermediate Advanced level, they have a solid understanding of the English language and can easily carry on a conversation. This level focuses on learning more verbs and nouns, and being able to communicate in the past and future tenses. 


English Grammar & Conversation


 English Grammar & Conversation 


English Grammar & English Games


 English Grammar & English Games 


English Grammar & Conversation

 Communication at an International Level