Semester 1:

Gardening, Music, Crochet & Theatre             


Semester 2:

Board Games, Sports, Yoga, Gardening & Cooking

  Dance                                    Computers                                Art                                     Fitness

Our Core Classes:

Elective Classes 2015:

BPP provides consistent year-round courses in Computers, Fitness, Art and Dance. Additionally, a Mentor Based Apprenticeship     Program led by volunteers gives students exposure to a wide variety of subjects each semester, so our students can discover their unique skills and talents!

Our elective classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9–11am and from 2–5pm. Below you can see which classes are offered each semester. Interested in becoming a mentor? Click here

Semester 1 (February - June 2016):

Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Circus/Yoga, Sports, and Fashion Design             

Elective Classes 2016:

 Allowing students to discover their unique skills and talents, one class at a time