Want to help out? We are always looking for English Teachers and Mentors for our Apprenticeship Program! We also offer a Cultural Exchange Program with Spanish Classes & Homestay, as well as Group Trips for Volunteers! There are so many ways to give back. Don't hesitate to reach out!


Additionally, through volunteerism, students learn to interact with diverse populations within a positive setting that helps them healthily integrate into the rising tourism industry. Volunteers also share interests such as Gardening, Sports and Yoga with students through workshops and apprenticeship programs that enhance their exposure to a variety of subjects while helping them discover their unique skills and talents. BPP bridges the gap between the growth of the tourism industry and the needs of the local population, so together we can utilize the newly arising opportunities and focus on the ultimate goal for a bright future: to Help a Child Grow. 

BPP has innovative and intuitive curriculums formed around three pillars; Creativity, Communication & Confidence. Read more about how we instill these values through English as a Second Language Classes, Elective Courses, Positive Incentives & Our Cultural Exchange Program.

BPP is an organization founded by the community we serve. BPP is run on respect, a dream for a better future and a love for education. Learn More About Our Mission, Our Community, Where We Teach, Our Incredible Team and How It All Started.

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Due to limited resources, many students in Latin America only attend school for half a day. The Barrio Planta Project (BPP) provides free supplementary schooling to the children of Latin America with the goal to give them positive recreation and supervised structure during the other half of their day. BPP focuses on classes such as Art and Music that facilitate creativity, performance-based activities like Fitness and Dance that enhance confidence and curriculums that promote international communication by teaching valuable English and Computer Literacy skills. BPP believes that Creativity, Confidence and Communication are essential skills to learn and will help our students lead happy, healthy and productive lives.



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Grow Inc. is a social enterprise that was formed to provide a basis for on-going support to continue our pursuit to Help a Child Grow. Grow Inc. provides high-quality services in volunteer-based tourism, second language education and hospitality, and ensures that through these services, valuable educational and vocational opportunities are directly granted to underprivileged youth. 

Grow Inc. believes that encouraging people to transcend the boundaries of their comfort zones while providing eye-opening insight on global economic disparities will inspire them to be leaders who affect change, resulting in a collective pursuit to break the cycle of poverty. With Grow Inc. people experience life-changing personal growth and at the same time, Help a Child Grow.

Together, we can make a difference

Help a Child Grow
Despite enjoying growth in regards to health and economy over the last twenty years, according to the UN's Human Development Index, Nicaragua is still the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with over 2/3 of the population living in poverty and vulnerability. Mexico, also having a growing economy, has 42% of their population living under the poverty line and almost 10% living in extreme poverty. With the boom of tourism in places like San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, people who fall within this demographic are losing control of their hometown as many are pushed to the outskirts while prices rise out of their range and foreigners continue to flood in. Tourism, however, can be globally, socially and economically beneficial to those who are able to access the opportunities. 

We believe in Education 

Through Creativity, Communication and Confidence